A Merry Christmas Jig music sample image

For double strung harp:  A Merry Christmas is an Irish Jig from the book “Dance Music of Ireland: 1001 Gems", 1907 compiled by Francis O’Neill. This arrangement is in the original key of G major, melody tones D4 - B5, one lever change, no harmony or lyrics.

This arrangement has several double strung notation guides for a smooth and seamless jig play. There are two treble clefs: Right Hand staff and Left Hand staff to correspond with the right and left string rows of the harp. This piece has only the melody, no harmony notes. The dashed line ------- helps guide your eye to the next melody note. Fingerings are given with finger placement brackets. Rests match the melody note beat.

2 pages. PDF download.


Price: $4.95

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