Christina harp in woods image   Christina playing the harp

Living on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN inspires Christina Cotruvo’s music.  The Celtic lever harp brings magical music for weddings, memorials, celebrations and other special events.  Her recordings are of Celtic, Folk, Ethnic and Therapeutic Harp music.

photo by Bob King rking@duluthnews.com

She is a Certified Clinical Musician providing therapeutic harp music at medical facilities. When playing at health fairs or special community events such as Grandma’s Marathon or library programs, she brings along several accessible harps for the public to try.  Her recent tour brought therapeutic music to Northern Minnesota:  Good Vibrations for Winter Wellness

Her harp arrangements for lever harp, double strung harp and Reverie Harp are available in this website’s Store.

Come and join in the music at Christina’s Arrowhead Library System tour – 25 libraries during the first 3 weeks of December.  Schedule and information is here:  Good Vibrations for Winter Wellness


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Through her work with visually impaired musicians, Christina developed the audio music description method No-C-Notes®.